Cách sử dụng xe nâng điện

A few ways to use an electric forklift will help you operate the electric forklift safely. The following notes should be read carefully by the operator as well as the relevant staff to ensure that the forklift truck is safe and durable.

How to use electric forklifts in general

Always remember that:

Safety is number 1

Lifting and lowering the goods according to the prescribed load.

Lift goods to the specified lifting height.

Check that the electric forklift is in good working order before operating.

1. The driver got in the car and sat in the seat, while fastening his seat belt.

2. Turn on the starter key and wait for 3 seconds for the systems to work.

3.  LEFT hand  used for steering (put on the steering wheel or on the knob for easy operation)

4. Move the gear lever (on the left under the steering wheel) forward or backward and press the accelerator to move forward or backward.

5. New asoftech photo recovery operators should learn to move fluently in  a wide range  first, then move to a narrow range.

6. After moving proficiently, we will move to the lifting and lowering operations of the Heli electric forklift .

7. Use the  RIGHT hand  to use operations such as: Lifting, tilting, shifting to the sides, clamping, rotating…

8. It is recommended to limit the use of TWO HANDS at the same time.

How to use electric forklift batteries properly

1. Check the amount of solution in the battery after each charge , if lacking, add pure distilled water .

2. When the battery capacity is less than 10%, it should not be used further, because there may be an unfortunate incident.

3. When charging, it must be 100% full to use the electric forklift, to charge and the vehicle in a cool location.