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The front-wheel drive HELI three-wheel electric forklift is capable of climbing steep slopes by:

  • With the use of 02 AC electric motors.
  • Drivetrain at the front

Features of front-wheel drive three-wheel electric forklift

Inheriting the preeminent features of HELI forklifts such as: Small size, high performance, environmental friendliness….

  • Front- wheel drive three-wheel electric forklift control board made by Curtis USA or ZAPI Italy. With the ability to work intelligently in multi-tasking mode, fast and accurate processing.
  • Standard CAN bus communication, reduce wire length, increase operating efficiency, improve accuracy.
  • High capacity, low maintenance electric forklift batteries. In addition, customers can also choose other brands such as GS Yuasa Japan or FAAM Italy.
  • The front electric motor includes 02 motors with a capacity of 4.5 kW, helping to climb slopes from 20~27% easily and quickly.
  • The electric steering system is at the rear, with the use of dual wheels for flexible movement and high stability. Power-assisted steering is lighter and lower fuel consumption.
  • Driver-friendly LCD screen, displaying parameters, operating status of electric forklift…
  • Hydraulic brake system, safe to operate. The front view angle is wide, making it easy for the driver to see obstacles.
  • Low noise level by eliminating noise emitted from moving motor, hydraulic pump.

basic technical parameter

Lift load 1,000 kg – 1500 kg – 1,800 kg – 2,000 kg
Model CPD10s – CPD15s – CPD18s – CPD20s
Center of load 500 mm
Standard lifting height 3,000 mm
Front wheel Drive – Steam gear
Rear Steam cake
Moving engine AC
Lifting motor AC
Brake system Hydraulic
Speed ​​of movement
Lifting speed
HELI standard battery 48V420Ah – 48V420Ah – 48V480Ah – 48V600Ah


Lift height 3,000 mm – 6,000 mm
GSYuasa . battery 48V420Ah – 48V420Ah – 48V480Ah – 48V600Ah
FAAm . battery 48V420Ah – 48V420Ah – 48V480Ah – 48V600Ah
Lifting frame Containers
Lifting price Side Shift – Horizontal Shift