HELI H2000 series

Tải trọng nâng 6 tấn - 7 tấn

High-class 6~7 ton electric forklifts manufactured by Heli. Developed on the chassis of 5~7 ton internal combustion forklift trucks . Has excellent performance, flexible mobility, large load lifting.

Description of 6~7 ton Heli electric forklift truck

1. Hydraulic pump motor:
AC power, large capacity, brushless, low maintenance.
Using gear pump, has high durability and large flow.
2. Travel motor:
AC powered traveling motor, brushless, low maintenance, great climbing ability.
Designed and manufactured on new technology, large heat dissipation capacity, low fuel consumption.
3. Controller board:
Using board manufactured by Curtis or Zapi, smart and durable.
CAN BUS communication standard high data transmission rate, works well in different working conditions.
4. Forklift
battery: Standard battery made by China ZIBO, large capacity, less maintenance time.
Customers can choose to replace it with another brand: GS Yuasa Japan or FAAM Italia made in China.

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